April 7, 2021


If something happened to you, and all of the sudden you needed long term care, what account would you write that check from? Your checking account or savings account? Do you have a CD that is earmarked for this? Do you have enough money to pay for all of it? Most nursing facilities are upwards of $8,000 per month for a private room.

It’s possible you may never need the care, but 70% of people over age 65 WILL needs long term care at some point. And if you do, how will that affect your family?  Even more so, how will that affect your spouse?  Say your husband is having some kind of long-term care event and you want to keep him at home, where he can no longer take adequate care of himself, you might think: What if my husband falls? What if I have to bathe him? Can I pick him up and put him in the bath tub? Can I help put him in the car? Chances are these questions can keep you up at night. Maybe keeping him at home isn’t the best option any longer. Or you may need to bring in outside help.

What about family dynamics? Is your family arguing about who is going to take care of mom and dad? Questions like: Who are mom and dad going to live with? What about the finances: who is going to pay for all the expenses? Do mom and dad have enough money to pay for this or do we have to? Do they have long term care insurance?  Some of these concerns may come into play when looking at long- term care and the overall big picture question: If you do need the care where is the money going to come from?

Webinar: Protect Your Assets – Are you prepared for the cost of long term care?
Join us April 13th at 6pm

Everyone’s family looks different. This webinar will discuss the ways you can make long term care insurance and estate planning work for your family and put to rest the fears of what could happen. Those of all ages will gain something out of this presentation that plans for life and beyond. We will help you discover long term care solutions that you may not be aware of.

Presented in partnership with long term care expert, Erich Dyer, of Dyers Group.

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