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Settlement Planning is a rapidly growing and highly complex area of the law. Michele Fuller, Founder of the Michigan Law Center, is among the few attorneys in the country with extensive experience and training in Special Needs Settlement Planning (SNSP). Michele can help preserve the eligibility of your special needs child for public assistance in situations where your child is receiving assistance from other sources, such as a settlement.

We can also evaluate and address the many interrelated issues that often accompany complicated cases involving special needs children and personal injury. These include: Special Needs Trusts, Medicare and Medicaid lien resolution, Medicare Set Aside (MSA) arrangements, court approval of proposed settlements, creation of Qualified Settlement Funds and structured settlement planning, among others.

Many special needs children, and adults with special needs, have lost their eligibility for government aid through improper planning—and, suffered financially as result. This is why it is so very important for you to consult only with an attorney who has significant experience in the area of Settlement Planning. Michele has published numerous articles on Settlement Planning in leading professional journals and is a sought-after lecturer to fellow attorneys and other financial professionals on a wide range of Settlement Planning issues. She is also a member of the Academy of Special Needs Planners and a frequent contributor to the organization’s knowledge bank and Special Needs Settlement Planning newsletter. In short, Michele is eminently qualified to provide informed, experienced counsel on the complicated and widely misunderstood area of Settlement Planning. And in process, protect the financial future and best interests of your special needs child and the rest of your family.

Settlement Planning

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